on living scruffy, Clifford-hangers, and some new headings

February 2023

on the Fleishmans, teen "no's" and going up the down
on notes from our child minds, an apocalyptic read and parrot love

January 2023

on terrifying sinks, the new Gilmore Girls and my new side hustle
A micro-essay and invitation to Molly McNearney to come on my podcast
Deep thoughts about my cat: Bad kittie comes around most days even though she knows she’s not wanted. She comes and sits on the roof of the neighbour’s…
to being less pantsy in 2023!

December 2022

on observing one's life, Triangle of Sadness and podcast merch
Project attempts for the holidaysOnce again, I am trying to work on photo books for the kids for Christmas through Shutterfly. I tried this last year as well, but got stuck some…
on coming home, Cos shirts and movies without the nostalgia

November 2022

London Boy I’m in London for a television conference so won’t be writing my usual this week. But collecting stories for my Observables community and beltin…
on deer hunting season, poignant conversation and bits of AI