Observables is my weekly newsletter that features things I’m watching, reading and wearing, as I look for the mystery in the mundane each week. Come for the humorous reflection as we make meaning in our intersecting lives — the thingness connects us to life outside our own heads.

Rebecca Davey is a multi-hyphenate artist, having worked as a writer-creator-television producer for over a decade. Her current brainchild, Ceres Productions, fills its expanding creative universe with diverse projects big and small. Sometimes she’s an actor too. Rebecca has an MFA from the University of British Columbia and co-hosts a podcast over at Reframeables. Her other major project is mothering her two daughters.

Testimonials about Observables

“In a world where we so often feel bombarded, Observables is a balm. It always arrives in my inbox at just the moment I need a smile, a tender observation, a kind word, and someone to say - oh, it hurts here, doesn't it? Plus I can always use a little fashion advice.” - Jessica.

Observables is one part educational, one part entertainment, and one part naked soul. My favourite thing about it is all the secondary characters - the daughters, partners, pets, and even moments that have a life of their own. I get to observe them first through the writer’s eyes and then through my own.” - Tamara

“Your articles are a breath of fresh air.” - Yael.

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Mystery in the mundane


Creator, Producer, Podcaster @Reframeables, Eavesdropper, She/Her.
Dr. Natalie Davey is a writer, a former public educator turned higher ed professor, a podcaster and a creative producer. Her interviews with authors and artists can be listened to via the Reframeables podcast.