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I guess the man is right.....this beach is full of sin. Amazing God tell the water how far to go ashore. Like the different relationships....you could observe one; taking note as we are all on the beach. A friend could amend a broken one and a neighbor can make a comment worth noting. Proximity makes the difference in our relationship.

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“I know because I looked angelic.” 😂

I often try to make things new without the involvement of the other party.

“Can we make something new out of this relationship?” requires a level of vulnerability I’m rarely prepared to offer. What if they say no? What if they think I’m ‘the problem’ and I’m the one who needs to be new!? (I mean, I’ll know it’s really them but I’ll still have to navigate the situation 😉)

Fashion Forward Farming. Your next book. Farming Forward Fashion could also work.

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